XS San Juan: Long Weekend (Independence Day and PAASCU Holidays)

SPO letterhead

Date:     11 June 2014
To:         Members of Xavier School Community
From:     The School President
Subject: Long Weekend ( Independence Day and PAASCU Holidays )

By virtue of Proclamation No. 655 of the President of the Philippines, June 12, Thursday, has been declared a regular holiday in celebration of the 116th Philippine Independence Day. Hence, there will be no work on the said date.

As the community already knows, Xavier School San Juan was re-accredited by PAASCU for a period of five years until 2019. The PAASCU visits took place last February, but due to many end of the school year concerns, the traditional PAASCU holiday was not observed. Therefore, I am declaring June 13, Friday, a School Holiday in celebration of the PAASCU re-accreditation. This is a way of thanking the school community, especially the faculty and staff who labored generously for two years to secure our re-accreditation.

It will be a long weekend for students, faculty and staff, and I hope you all use the extra time wisely.

Thank you very much.

(sgd. )
Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, S.J.
School President

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