Senior High School/K-12 Academic Committee


Pres. Ofc letterhead

Date:          17 June 2014

To:              All Faculty and Staff

From:          The School President

Re:             Senior High School/K-12 Academic Committee

With this memo I am formally convening the Senior High School/K-12 Academic Committee, which will ensure that the school’s ongoing transition to the Department of Education’s K-12 curriculum continues to proceed smoothly, specially when our present Grade 10 students in San Juan proceed to Grade 11 next year. They will be the first batch of students to undergo the new Senior High School curriculum.

The committee will be chaired by our Academic Supervisor, who is concurrently the High School Assistant Principal for Senior High School. The High School Principal will Co-Chair the committee and together, they will submit their recommendations to me by September 30, 2014.

The Committee Chair will also consult the administrators of our Nuvali campus to ensure that our policies in regard to K-12 are aligned. This may mean regular visits to the Nuvali campus.

The members of the committee are:

Chair:         Ma. Theresa N. Ladrido
Co-Chair:    Aimee A. Apolinario


Brian Lawrence C. Marana
Ma. Angela V. Vargas
Simoneil D. Mendoza
Alvin L. Ang
Roberto Jose F. dela Cruz
Grace G. Manatad

The Committee is tasked to study the guidelines and policies of the Department of Education’s K-12 Program with respect to  Xavier School’s curriculum, especially for Senior High School. Specifically, the committee will propose curricular offerings and formation practices that will best suit our students’ needs and context. Furthermore, they will evaluate the implications of these changes on the school’s human resources.


(sgd. )

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ
School President

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