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by Naomi Linga, ET Pen Pushers Guild
photo taken from the facebook account of David Ongchoco

A  two-day English communication and personality development workshop was held at ERDA Tech CTP Room a few days before the school year started. Chosen students of ERDA Tech took part in this workshop as well as some student-teacher graduates from Xavier; ERDA Tech’s sister school.

This workshop was intended to enhance every student’s English skills and personality as well. The college student-teachers were present to teach and share with the Erdanians how they can gain confidence in the process of speaking in public, on how they are going to take their own stand, catch other’s attention by always remembering the 7 Habits of Effective Teenagers and the 7 steps to take a stand.

Therefore, they came up with random activities related to the topics given; specifically on how an individual can gain self-confidence, either by conversing or speaking in front of the crowd. Two effective activities that they came up with were the speech making and the short skit just by using your chosen idiomatic expressions. It widens each English capability in terms of setting a conversation in a deeper situation and to gain more aplomb within us.

photo taken from the facebook account of David Ongchoco

photo taken from the facebook account of David Ongchoco

The student-teachers were newly graduates from Xavier School such as Mr. David Ongchoco and Mr. Diondre Ng. Other speakers were Ms. Mica, Ms. Michelle Abigan and a professional public speaker; Mr. John Adrian Chan, who encouraged every student to be more confident with their surroundings and with themselves. And before the workshop ended they left a memorable quote for everyone;

“The cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell.

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