Real Essence of Life

by Maria Bernadette Gimena, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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Life is a lifetime experience that will always be a memory to recall, a time to cherish and an adventure to explore. It is an internet you’ll keep on browsing and a lesson you’ll keep on learning. This is a cup of water you’ll keep on drinking and a staircase you’ll keep on stepping on.

Everything is a step by step process, they said. You should think of it first, plan for it second and put it into action for the last. Anything is a good step to move forward in your life and by that you’ll get to know someone new, something new or even more about yourself.

We always need someone to keep us motivated, to help us pursue our dreams, to inspire us but our self is the best inspiration and motivation we can have. We will always be the driver of our own life, everything will be under our control, our way is up to us, where we want to go is where we’ll find our happiness but when you drive do not let others hold the handlebar. No matter what, when or where, you will always catch people’s attention. They will look at you, got some words or phrases for you, judge you but it will always be better if they praise you. Well that’s life. It’ll give you “MILLIONS, BILLIONS OR EVEN TRILLIONS” to give up but “LOTS” of reasons to live and stand up. Happiness is everything just not to expect anything.  Always be happy and be who you really want to be.

Just like what people say, “Who you are defines what you do and what you do defines who you become”. EXPLORE and by that you will be able to get your goal. Life will always be negative if you do not believe and deal with it positively. You’re the best and you will always be! Appreciate things, love, be loved and be contented with who you are, what you have then you’ll end up saying “EVERYTHING IS ALL ENOUGH”.

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