The Thing About Love

by Nicko John Salonga
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Love makes the world go round. That’s how they used to say it. In some way, it makes sense because everything here on Earth has a purpose as long as love is being paved and allotted to it. Love reveals each man’s weaknesses and desires. It turns every clandestine person to a very expressive one. It has a way to turn impossible things to a matrix of life’s reality. It is majestic and sincere that a guy could turn his night into day showing his untiring and unconditional love to the girl he loves even in the midst of the night while the moon is watching. How about you? What other crazy things are you willing to do just for the sake of love?

Magic defies physics. Gravity defies lightweights. But love defies everything. As in everything. Disasters, plagues, even war can’t stand against it. It unifies each soul that was lost due to the heartbreaks it suffered from. It strengthens and bonds each and every one of us. It motivates us to keep striving and reaching for our goals. It makes us happy just for a short while despite all the struggles and devastations. Love is unpredictable and strange. Horizons meet in the most strange ways at the most unexpected times.

Love does not lie. It keeps on getting purer. Truth always prevails especially when love takes part on it. Love is everything, from the time you wake up until the time you close your eyes again, every speck of a dust to each humongous block of a building. These things have love in it. Anywhere you look, you can find love, in strangest places, in your lover’s eyes and even in the dark blue sky.

You’re worthless if you are not being loved. Everyone desires to be loved. We just need to accept that we are not all the same, that each of us has his own differences. But that makes love more powerful and unbelievable, that despite of all the diversities, we are still able to understand each other because we share this common thing – love. Love manifests through our words and actions. It can’t be denied. Love is not scripted, it just happens.

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