A Touch By The Holy Spirit

by Mr. Angelo Pojol, GS CLE Teacher (with some editorial assistance from Ms. Gianna Galang, GS English Teacher)
Photos provided by Mr. Jim Tuscano, GS CLE and Mr. Rey Aude, Unit 2 Team Leader

Last June 11, 2014, the Xavier Grade School community gathered in the Fr. Rafael Cortina Sports Center to celebrate the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit.  The Mass of the Holy Spirit is celebrated as a Jesuit tradition by the school at the beginning of each school year in order for the community to pray and ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and blessing as the community faces another year of challenges ahead.


The Mass was presided over by school president Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ and co-celebrated by fellow Jesuit fathers, Xavier Olin, SJ, Art Borja, SJ and Guy Guibelondo, SJ. Fr. Joseph Sia, an alumnus of Xavier School, also co-celebrated the Mass as a visiting priest from the diocese of Davenport, Iowa in the United States.


The Mass began with the traditional procession of school symbols and banners, namely the logo of the Society of Jesus, the coat of arms of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the coat of arms of St. Francis Xavier. Boy scouts were assigned to walk side by side with chosen faculty members who carried the symbols towards the stage. The procession is regularly done in order to remind the community of our Jesuit heritage and background. It takes place before the entrance procession of altar servers and priests. The procession of the 6C’s was also done by the same boy scouts who lead the procession of school symbols in order to remind the students of the 6C’s which they must live out everyday.


During communion, each student received a small sheet of paper containing one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. This gift will serve as their guide throughout the school year so that they may constantly live out this virtue. Hopefully this experience of having been touched by the Holy Spirit will have a lasting effect in their lives as Xaverians.

Over all, the Mass was a success with many thanks to the efforts of the Campus Ministry and Service Office, the CLE Department, choir, readers, commentators, the Eucharistic Youth Club, Boy Scouts, Jesuit Fathers and the rest of the community.

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