Three is Love

by Naomi Linga, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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Your bright smile lights up the day
and sweeps the shadows far away
with this journey known as life
through darkness separates the devil’s knife

Your Smile is a gesture that sets everything right
it’s the light that makes things bright
the smiles that travel around the world
and set my life unfold.

Your smile is an inexpensive way to change ur’ look
registers in your inner book
And if, Had I choose one smile to view
I’d pick the radiant one on you.

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Your tender embrace tickles
as your slender fingers twinkle.
Each May morning, you bring
even the sweetest scent cling.

Your loving kiss wakes me free,
that heat made by thee,
the sweet kiss that sparkles,
and never wrinkles.

Thy kiss, thy hug, thy love
coming from you, My Dove.
Thou things hopes not to change
even just a single page.

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         “DREAMING OF YOU”

The lively trees dance and sway freely
just like the way your hand moves seemingly
I can even hear the wind’s roar
That reminds me of you; more.
In the raging ocean’s wave
had I left such for you to be saved
And in the midst of the darkness
I am nothing and less,
But in the clouds I shed,
Yes, it’s only you, I said.

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