XS Nuvali: Kindling the Flame of God’s Love

Parents bless their children during the Red Mass at XSN. All photos by Mr. Gel Domingo, Student Supervisor

Luceat Lux
Let Your light shine
Kindling the flame
of your love divine

Luceat Lux
Let our light be
alight with your love
so others can see.
(Marvin Ong, ’06)

On the afternoon of June 11, just two days after the beginning of classes, the Xavier School Nuvali community gathered together for the Red Mass, or the Mass of the Holy Spirit, which is the first institutional mass of the school year.

The teachers and students were joined by their families as they called on the Holy Spirit to bless them this school year. The community was led by the Jesuit Provincial, Fr. Antonio Moreno, S.J. in prayer. He was assisted by school president Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J., campus minister Fr. Xavier Olin, S.J., school chaplain Fr. Arturo Borja, S.J., Frs. Eli Lumbo and Tony Basilio of the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service, and newly ordained priest Fr. EJ Gerilla, S.J., who will be going to East Timor for his mission. 

The Nuvali community was also joined by representatives of the Xavier School San Juan community. XSSJ student council members of the high school and grade school walked with their Nuvali brothers and sisters as the latter carried the banners of the school and gifts of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the mass. But even before the mass began, one could already feel the presence of the spirit in the way the parents and family members came in red—a symbol of the biblical event of the Spirit coming down in tongues of fire—and greeted each other with familial and fraternal warmth. The unity and the Holy Spirit was felt even more as the lights in the John Tiu Ka Cho Multipurpose Center were dimmed and candles were lit as the community asked for God’s blessing for each other.

XSN Principal Mrs. Arlene Choo gives Fr. Tony Moreno, S.J. his birthday cake.

XSN Principal Mrs. Arlene Choo gives Fr. Tony Moreno, S.J. his birthday cake.

More blessings were felt as Music teacher Marvin Ong (’06) played his composition “Luceat Lux” publicly for the first time right before the community greeted Fr. Moreno for his birthday. School principal Mrs. Arlene Choo came forward with a cake for the Jesuit Provincial whose special presence was immensely appreciated.

After the mass, the smiles on everyone’s faces as they made their way out of the MPC were evidence of the Spirit’s presence. Indeed, this was a meaningful way to begin the school year. 

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