XS San Juan HSPO: XELECT Courses, 1st Sem, SY 14-15


Dear G9 ABCDE, G10 ABCD, H3 ABC Parents and Students,

As we have mentioned in our letter regarding Grade 9, 10 and High 3 XELECT, please see below the XELECT: WORK ELECTIVES COURSES for the First Semester, SY 14-15. Enrollment in the courses will be done ON-LINE beginning THURSDAY, 26 June 2014 (1:00 PM onwards) until FRIDAY, 27 June 2014 during Homeroom Period, recess, lunch and dismissal time.

PsychologyDonna Co Business ManagementEd Abad PsychologyJulio Abraham
Intro to CommunicationAllan Alibudbud Graphic DesignBucchino De Ocampo Intro to CommunicationAllan Alibudbud
Graphic DesignBucchino De Ocampo Intro to FilmLuigi Gonzales Graphic DesignBucchino De Ocampo
Intro to FilmLuigi Gonzales AnimationEdwin Guillermo Intro to FilmLuigi Gonzales
AnimationEdwin Guillermo PhotographyMatthew Lee AnimationEdwin Guillermo
Basic Culinary CourseChef Robert Johnson Tan Introduction to SociologyJoaine Marquez PhotographyMatthew Lee
Introduction to MedicineSaren Roldan, MD Sales and Marketing 101Clifton Esteban Sales and Marketing 101Clifton Esteban
PhotographyTim Arafiles Introduction to MedicineSaren Roldan, MD


INTRODUCTION TO FILM (Instructor: Mr. Luigi Gonzales)

“Show, don’t tell.” This course introduces students to the basic techniques and methods used in the art of visual storytelling. Students will learn what goes into conveying emotion with complex characters and layered storytelling through class discussions, take-home activities, and guest lectures from industry professionals. This course will be helpful for students who wish to pursue a career in filmmaking, film critiquing, and advertising.

GRAPHIC DESIGN (Instructor: Mr. Buccino de Ocampo)

This course is an introductory to graphic design. It aims for students to learn and understand some of the simple and basic fundamental practices and processes of design. The intent is to show what graphic design is and what graphic design is used for in the commercial and cultural context through short lectures on history, art and visual principles, various examples of contemporary design, trends and movement. It also aims for students to learn some basic technical software skills that would aid in their creativity. There will be in-class projects and short assignments for students to evaluate, develop and explore their own interests in design. Student are also encouraged to participate by inviting and providing constructive criticism to other classmates, which not only helps build their intuition on art, but develop their critical thinking, as well as presentation skills.

ANIMATION (Instructor: Mr. Edwin Guillermo)

This Animation class gives the students the opportunity to discover how to give the illusion of life to drawings, action figures, found objects and even clay. They will also learn the basic filmmaking techniques used on TV shows like Wonderpets, Shaun the Sheep, Mad, Robot Chicken, Blues Clues and South Park that will helpful in producing highly creative animated presentations.  This course is particularly useful for students planning on pursuing a career in animation, filmmaking, television or advertising.


INTRODUCTION TO MEDICINE (Instructor: Saren Roldan, MD)

The medical profession is a multi-faceted discipline that is both dauntingly challenging and endlessly rewarding. This course will give the students a clearer picture of what it entails to become a doctor – from choosing the appropriate preparatory medicine course to entering medicine proper, passing the licensure examination, and practicing the medical profession and beyond. The course is designed to prepare the students’ expectations in terms of the physical, emotional, and psychological discipline they would need to survive the challenges they would be facing and hopefully inspire them to become great doctors. The course will also give them the knowledge of how to save lives by teaching them basic life support.



Students in this course are introduced to the different fields of mass communication: journalism, film, broadcast communication and communication research, advertising and public relations will enable them to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the media culture. Furthermore, students will learn some of the basic techniques in communicating in various forms and will be given the chance to apply them in different real-world situations. This course will also enable the students to be more critical receivers of media.

INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (Instructors: Ms. Donna Co for Grade 9 and Mr. Julio Abraham for High 3)

The course is an introduction to psychology – the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.  This course will provide an overview of the concepts, researches, schools of thought, and the key personalities in psychology.  The content of the course is broad for the students to get a good glance of the many areas of the subject.


SALES AND MARKETING 101 (Instructor: Mr. Clifton Esteban)

Introducing a new product to a stranger? Suggesting the idea of a later curfew to your parents? Gathering a group of people to rally for a cause? In being able to do these, people go through what is called a selling process.  This course aims to tackle the psychology behind this process and how one can be an effective “salesman” in driving decision-making by understanding basic human motivations. By the end of this course, the student will gain a richer understanding of what being a “salesman” is, that it is not only limited to the selling of products and ideas but seeing it as a substantial part of daily human interaction.

PHOTOGRAPHY (Instructor: Mr. Tim Arafiles for Grade 9 and Mr. Matthew Lee for Grade 10 and High 3)

This class aims to improve everyday photography by explaining basic and intermediate theories and techniques of real photographers in the industry proving it doesn’t take expensive professional gear to get great photos. At the end of the class, students will showcase their new learnings in a photo exhibit featuring new work created for the class.

(Students to enroll in this class should have a DSLR camera)


INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY (Instructor: Mr. Joaine Marquez)

This elective course introduces Xaverians to the basic tenets of sociology. The key component of this course is to study ourselves and the society that influences our behavior. Students learn about socialization, characteristics of groups, inequality, ethnicity, gender, and social deviance. Students reflect on their own social situations while learning about social theory and thinkers who have influenced the field. There is an emphasis on understanding the self in relation to social forces, patterns and problems.


In this course, the students will be given the opportunity to learn more about the basic areas in the field of business and management i.e, human resource, production, marketing, finance and business environment (local and international). Furthermore, this course will cover important aspects of managing a business such as business ethics and leadership and business tactics and strategies. Students will also be exposed to the other business and management concepts like advertising, market research, product development and information technology.


BASIC CULINARY COURSE (Instructor: Chef Robert Johnson Tan)

This is a hands-on course that will cover the basics of cooking including different cooking methods, familiarization of kitchen tools, equipment, safety and sanitation in the kitchen.  Asian, International dishes, and desserts will be prepared by students throughout the course.

(Fee: P4,000 to cover for ingredients and other materials)



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5.     Click “SUBMIT”.

6.      A message will appear that ‘you are enrolled in __________’ to confirm you have successfully registered.

REMINDER: FOR HIGH 3 Students: Please do NOT register in the same course that you had last school year. Those who will do so will be randomly assigned to another course.

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