ECA FAIR: A New School Year with New Opportunities

by Gabriel Loste (4F)
Photos by Mr. Kenneth Oneal Gan, SAP Coordinator

Opportunity opens the door but it is up to you to enter.

Last June 20 and 21, Xaverians entered the doors of the Multipurpose Center (MPC), where the recently concluded Extracurricular Activities (ECA) fair was held. A variety of extracurricular activities was within the grasp of aspiring Xaverians from the seventh until the twelfth grade. The annual “ECA Fair” allows the various clubs and committees to hold their sign-ups and demonstrations for the appreciation, participation, and entertainment of the high school Xaverian population. Each club and committee is able to showcase their prowess and involvement in the various areas of sports, music, events, or special interests. High schoolers flocked around this festive celebration of talents and abilities and took part in the fostering of our rich Xaverian culture.

This year’s ECA Fair was themed “Every Club is Awesome,” highlighting the variety of experiences that each club (and committee) had to offer—each one equally as engaging and “awesome” as the next. The fair offered a plethora of choices with clubs represented by their individual booths. Stallion, xFilm, the A-Day Committee, the TEDx Committee, ComiXS, the Blue and Gold Committee, to name a few, were present at the ECA Fair, and were led by their respective officers and moderators. With a wide array of options, Xaverians of all persuasions could easily satisfy their craving for co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


As if the whole venue wasn’t continually buzzing with excitement already, there were also a host of performances and shows. One of the most memorable was the performance of Xavier School’s very own dance team, Dance X. They took the stage and displayed their talents and passions with everyone in the room, including a special spectator—our very own school president—Fr. Aristotle Dy. There were also quiz bees held by different clubs to engage everyone with their themes. One of the more interesting ones included trivia about our national hero José Rizal—a very opportune subject given that it was Rizal’s 153rd birthday last June 19th. All these different spectacles only prove that each club has its own allure and interesting aspects that anyone can learn to appreciate and love.

The ECA Fair this year was a truly memorable and exciting activity for all Xaverians who wanted to go the extra mile in the spirit of Magis to not only excel in their academics, but also explore a new realm of experiences available to them. The grand attendance of all the students definitely made this event successful and meaningful. It is also important to take note of the effort and dedication that the moderators of the different clubs and committees put into making this event a fruitful and positive experience for all. Ultimately, it was the zeal and fervor of each Xaverian that made this year’s ECA fair one for the books. “Everyone has a FAIR turn to be as great as he pleases,” says English theater critic Jeremy Collier. For those who grabbed the opportunity to expand their horizons, it is certain that these experiences will help them become more committed and devoted to pursuing their interests and passions.


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