Crystal Jade Dining IN Culminates Duan Wu Jie With Xavier Dragon Dance Team

The Xavier School Dragon Dance Team performed last June 29, 2014 at Crystal Jade Dining IN at Bonifacio Global City, as part of the fine dining restaurant’s culmination activity for June, capping a month-long  celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival (端午 Duan Wu Jie).

“We are honoured that Xavier’s Dragon Dance Team graciously accepted our invitation to perform for us,” said Jacinto C. Ng, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Jade and also a Xavier parent. “Because we take pride in being the home of truly authentic and quality Chinese cuisine, part of our advocacy is to promote Chinese culture through our food. Having Xavier’s Dragon Dance Team perform after our month-long celebration was a perfect ending for Duan Wu Jie.“

Also known as the Dumpling Festival (肉粽 Rou Zong Jie), the Dragon Boat Festival honours the life of Qu Yuan (343–278 BC), a patriotic Chinese government minister admired for his dignity, honesty, service and love of country. When he sacrificed himself to protest the troubles in his country, the people recognized his selflessness, and raced out in their boats hoping to save him or at least retrieve his body; this is the origin of the Dragonboat races. Failing to find the poet’s body, people decided to throw sticky rice dumplings into the river to prevent the fish from eating his body, this is said to be the origin of the Zong Jie or Ma Chang as it is popularly known amongst the local Chinese community.  To this day, the festival celebrates the patriotism and conviction of Qu Yuan, and the importance of having true and honest leaders. 

“We would like to thank Xavier’s Dragon Lion Team led by  Ms. Jennifer N. Say, Assistant for Administrative Matters, Chinese and Coordinator for the Xavier Dragon Lion Group for taking the time and effort to not only perform for us, but to also help Crystal Jade in promoting Chinese culture,” said Ng.  “The boys did a great job!”



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