Auditions Held for First Glee Club in XSN

A student tries out for the glee club. Photos by Mr. Gel Domingo, Student Supervisor

School year 2014-2015 continues the tradition of firsts in Xavier School Nuvali. This year, there will be clubs offered for the first time, and students are agog with excitement over this. They got a peek at one of the club offerings when music teacher Mr. Marvin Ong announced that he and co-moderator Mr. Kevin Cordoviz would be holding auditions for the singers and instrumentalists that will form the school’s glee club. Sign up sheets were posted in the grades 4-9 classrooms so that those interested can be given a schedule for their audition.

A grade 5 student tries to listen to the auditions inside the MPH as he waits for his turn.

A grade 5 student tries to listen to the auditions inside the MPH as he waits for his turn.

July 8-10 saw students moving towards the multi-purpose hall for the auditions dubbed “The Voice of XSN.” They patiently but nervously waited outside the hall as the teacher-judges listened to each audition inside.

Songs ranged from the classical to the contemporary to the LSS-worthy, with Disney’s “Let It Go” and the Xavier School song the top choices among those who tried out. However, students were not just required to sing a song; they had to take an “ear test” as well. Mr. Cordoviz, one of the moderators whose focus will be on the instrumentalists, asked students to imitate the note he played on the keyboard. Singers had to imitate the note using their voice while the instrumentalists had to copy using their chosen instrument.

Both moderators had a difficult time deciding on whom to accept, but when asked to comment on the talent of Xavier School Nuvali students, Mr. Ong said that he was excited at all the talent he witnessed and that he already had a few performances in mind for the accepted students.

The complete list of accepted singers and instrumentalists will be posted before club enrollment on July 17, Thursday.

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