XS San Juan: July and August Non-Class Days

Pres. Ofc letterhead

Date:     22 July 2014
To:       The Xavier School Community
From:   The School President
Re:       July and August Non-Class Days

By virtue of the proclamations made by the President of the Philippines, the following days are Regular Holidays (non-working):

· July 29, Tuesday: Eid’l Fitr (Proclamation No. 826)
· August 21, Thursday: Ninoy Aquino Day ( Proclamation No. 655 )
· August 25, Monday: National Heroes Day ( Proclamation No. 655 )

August 22, Friday, will be a no-class day for students so that the faculty and staff can have a day of recollection related to the school’s observance of the Jesuit Restoration anniversary this year. This means that students will have a five-day weekend, while faculty and staff will still enjoy a three-day weekend after the recollection.

May our observance of these holidays make us one with our heroic forefathers, and our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Luceat lux!

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ
School President

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