Xavier School Football Varsity B2005 Captures the UFL Youth-U9 Championship

by Atty. Nandi Ayahao (Father of Keyn Kinzi T. Ayahao, G4)
photos from Mrs. Marlene Uy

Xavier School Football Club (XSFC) varsity team overwhelmed Makati Football School (MFS) 3-0, to capture the U9 category of the United Football League (UFL) Youth at the Emperador Stadium, Taguig City on 29 June 2014. It was a happy ending to a four (4) month long tournament held from 08 March to 29 June 2014.

Xavier was the only school-based team in the tournament participated in by the top football teams in Metro Manila, fifteen (15) of which joined the U9 category. In the eliminations, Xavier U9 was bracketed along with MFS which beat them in their first encounter 2-3. However, Xavier returned the favor in the second round with a resounding 3-0 victory to top their group on goal difference. Xavier U9 proceeded to the quarterfinals beating Green Archers United, 6-2, to advance to the semi-finals where they ran over Kaya FC Elite Yellow, 4-0 to arrange the final match against old nemesis MFS.

Goalkeeper Nathan Bata was adjudged Most Valuable Player for his unyielding composure between the posts. In the finals, Bata ably kept a clean sheet against an onslaught of MFS attempts to find the net.

Xavier’s maiden participation in the UFL was made possible by the untiring efforts of the recently appointed Football Program Head, Miguel “Gue” David, and the AAXS.

By far, Xavier B2005 registered the most success the past school year 2013-2014. They lorded over their age category with championships in the 2013 RIFA Cup, 2013 Cherifer Cup (MVP: Lorenz Tortona), 2013 Coca-Cola Cup (MVP: Mateo Manas), 2013 Alaska Cup (MVP: Mateo Manas), 2014 Fleet Marines Commandant Cup (MVP: Andrei Lee), 2014 RIFA Cup (MVP: Adrian Choa), 2014 RIFA League, 2014 PMC Football for Peace (MVP: Lorenz Tortona) and 2014 RIFA Summer Cup.

Having dominated their age category for the past year, Xavier Born 2005 dared to compete in the Boys 10/Born 2004 category of the 1st Havaianas Cup held at the Alabang Country Club on 08 June 2014. Seventeen (17) teams from as far as Baguio City came to strut their wares. In the eliminations, the Xavier U9 had scary moments — coming from behind to squeak past Atletico Diliman, 4-3, barely beat Gobal FC, 3-2 and Pachanga Diliman, 2-1 before losing to favorites Ateneo B2004, 0-2. In the quarterfinals, Xavier U9 won over the LSGH team, 7-1 to meet MFS B2004 in the semifinals. They drew with MFS 2004 in regulation but won the penalty shootout, 3-1, to advance to the finals against their tormentors in the eliminations, Ateneo B2004. Surprisingly, Xavier Born 2005 won this match against the favorites with a 3-0 performance.

Coach Jayson Cutamura’s boys, who joined the Xavier Football Club as nursery or prep boys a few summers ago are now in Grades 4 and 5, namely:

APLASCA, Nathan Raphael Gr. 4C                         LIM, Keona Gr. 4B

AYAHAO, Keyn Kinzi T. G4F                         MANAS, Mateo Gr. 4G

BATA, Nathan Gr. 5H                                                   MIA, Jed Gr. 4E

CHOA, Adrian Gr. 4D                                            ONG, Michael Gr. 4I

CHOACHUY, Vince Gr. 5F                          PERALTA, Chicco Gr. 5I

CHUNG, Cole Gr. 5C                                       RAGAS, Simon Gr. 4A

CO, Brit Gr. 4A                                                      RAMOS, Jose Gr. 5D

DE JESUS, Tiger Gr. 4E            SARMIENTO, Jean Kenshin L. Gr. 4B

IRIGO, Enzo Gr. 4A                                           SOLLER, Anton Gr. 4I

JAPITANA Alfonso, Gr. 5G                                         SY, Chris Gr. 4G

LEE, Andrei Gr. 4G                                     TORTONA, Lorenz Gr. 4D

UY, Enigo Miguel Gr. 4C                                             UY, Stefan Gr. 4E

UY DE BARON, Jaime Gr. 5C

Congratulations to the team, their supportive parents and the ever-improving Xavier School Football Program! Who knows, some of these boys might go to the World Cup one day. Cheers!


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