Share Your Time with the Jesuits

by Luis Salvador Diy (G10A)
Photo by Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Jesuit Restoration, the Jesuits of Xavier School planned various activities to instill in the students a sense of awareness of the history of the Society of Jesus. “Meet The Jesuits” was one such activity, in which chosen students spend one lunchtime getting to know the priests and brothers living in the Jesuit Residence.

I would have missed the Jesuits’ booth at the ECA fair had it not been for their life-sized cutout of the Pope. In fact, I did not sign up—it was the doing of my two friends, Ignacio Villareal and Javi Amador (both from 10A). They, too, would have overlooked the booth if it wasn’t for our former adviser telling them to go and join. The days following, it seemed clear that we would be chosen—we were already told to think of a friend to bring to the lunch, long before the formal announcement.

It did not come to us a a surprise then when the three of us were pulled aside in the Reading of Honors and told that our names would be announced as the chosen students to have lunch with the Jesuits. After having exchanged a few words with Father Xavier Olin, we set the date of the lunch—30 July.

Having met up with Father Xave at the Jesuit Residence building, Ignacio, Javi, and I, accompanied by our friends and classmates Martin Pascual, Ali Acero, and John Agcaoili, took the elevator up to the fourth floor to the current Jesuit Residence. We began with lunch, accompanied by Brother Arman, a C.L.E. teacher, and Brother Damo, a missionary from Cambodia.

After the great lunch, which, we were told, wasn’t always as special as it was that day, Brother Arman brought us around the Residence. The common outdoor area had a country club feeling to it, providing easy access to the exercise room and Father Art Borja’s garden. It was here where we left as the end-of-lunch bell had rung.

As we left, Brother Damo jokingly told us that we really should come back again so that the food would be better again. But I share his sentiments—I would like to spend another lunch with the Jesuits. We were told that only a few have expressed interest in signing up, and it is saddening, actually. Sharing my time with the Jesuits definitely will be a highlight of this year, if not of my entire stay in Xavier School.

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