Like the Narra

by Yllaisa Caacbay, V- Matiyaga
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Not yet, II – Narra, not yet.

Don’t sleep, just rest.

There are a thousand

algebraic expressions to be solved.

There are a thousand

muscles and bones to be memorized.

There are a thousand

reports to be reported.

Yet our shoulders are not strong

Our sinews and minds have grown rusty

with dependence, dependence, dependence


Not yet, II – Narra, not yet

ERDA Tech has need of young brains

and what younger than your own,

forever spilled in the great name of knowledge and wisdom,

forever oblate on the banks of the Pasig River,

the gravel of the railroad tracks,

and the gates of the oil depots.

Not yet, II – Narra,

Sleep not.

Oh brains and blood of the II – Narra brave,


Arise and scour the school!

Use once again your powerful brains,

And your caring hearts.

Infuse the vibrant RED into your

teenage veins, until you pick up and learn your lessons,

out of the depthless matrix of your faith.

And in the four corners of ERDA, located in Beata,

you carve for all time your Pandacan (Sta. Ana, Paco, Malate, Sta. Mesa) dream!

Until ERDAnians, seeing, are transformed,

Like the Narra tree, majestic, towering,

inspiring, amazing, just the way you are, yes,

Like the NARRA!

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