#Realtransformation: Celebration of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary

by Ms. Gianna Galang, GS English teacher

Last August 18, 2014, the Xavier School Grade School community celebrated a Holy Mass for the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To open the Buwan ng Wika celebration, the mass was also conducted in the Filipino vernacular.


The mass was presided by Fr. Ulysses “Ogie” Cabayao, SJ, a visiting Jesuit priest.


All grades 4-6 students waved their handkerchiefs of yellow and blue during the entrance, Gloria and closing songs showing the festive mood of the community. The color yellow symbolized Xavier School being the school’s color as the school gives importance to both our culture and religion. The color blue symbolizes the color of our Mother Mary as we show our devotion and glorification to her.


During the homily, Fr. Cabayao showed popular photos of “Make-up Transformations” going around Facebook feeds. He then connected this to how Mother Mary was transformed from an ordinary woman into being the mother of Jesus our Lord. In the end, Fr. Cabayao reminded us that real transformation goes beyond human superficialities. Perhaps many, if not all, were transformed that day because of the meaningful Eucharist.


After the mass, each class had a simple feast of various Filipino food in their respective classrooms. The mass and salu-salo marked the great start of the Buwan ng Wika for Xavier School this school year.

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