Alex London, storyteller

NO PROXY and good guy London with Xavier student Lee-Chua (JAMES ABUAN/CONTRIBUTOR/INQUIRER)

Scott Lee-Chua is a junior at Xavier High School. His books, “Top Ten Travels” in Manila, Cebu and Davao, were finalists in the 2012 National Book Awards. E-mail the author at

“I have a confession,” the lanky, bespectacled man on the stage told us. “When I was a kid, I hated books.” The crowd of Grade 8 students in Xavier School’s auditorium gasped collectively.

“I never read books for fun and I avoided my school novels as best as I could,” he continued. As our tentative laughter turned to hearty applause and even a couple of standing ovations, teachers tried their best to hide their consternation.

The speaker, after all, was Alex London, a best-selling journalist-turned-author.

To this day, London remains the mad storyteller. As he regaled us with stories of his childhood, he constantly gesticulated, his legs propelling him back, front, side; his words a passionate and unstoppable torrent.

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