Dance X: They’re Back!

by Trevor Yu (H4I), Stallion Sports Editor and Joshua Lim (H4F), Stallion Editor-in-Chief; photos by Joshua Lim (H4F), Stallion Editor-in-Chief
Dance X wins Maximum Groovity 10.

Maximum Groovity is one of the biggest competitions for high school and college dance teams. Held in Crossroad 77 on September 6, the event drew in the dance troupes of Assumption College, Miriam College, St. Joseph’s College, Ramon Magsaysay High School, Holy Child Catholic School and Xavier School.

Maximum Groovity 10 poster.

Maximum Groovity 10 poster.

With supporters in their respective school colors, the crowd was an amalgam of white, red, blue, black, and yellow. A deafening hush spread throughout the stadium as the event started with an opening prayer and the national anthem. The dance troupes took to the stage one by one, performing spectacularly in their unique styles; some highlighted their stunt men, while others their b-boys. Despite the fervor with which the other dancers performed, this year’s champions unquestionably stood out from all their competitors.

Dance X performing their championship routine.

Dance X performing their championship routine.

Xavier’s very own Dance X stunned the crowd with a scintillating performance. With every move executed to perfection, Xavier’s dancers drew ecstatic cheers from the sea of supporters. In their black and silver-lined outfits, the Xaverians danced their hearts out, performing with clear and pinpoint synchronization. It was evident from the start of Dance X’s performance that practice, heart, and determination allowed them to pull off such a masterful display. Mr. Darryl Sandoval, the team’s moderator, can attest to the hard work that was put into the choreograph stating, “I am proud of their performance because the routine was very clear and the energy was consistent; I’m confident they’ll place.” True enough, they did more than just place. They brought home the championship trophy for the first time in 8 years.

Being true Xaverians and having the 6Cs ingrained in their core values, the dancers did not fail to thank their supporters. Kyle Chua of H4G shook his head with a huge grin on his face saying, “I feel really surprised but happy at the same time. I never really expected people to come. There’s usually little to no support from fellow Xaverians, so this feels surreal. You have no idea how much this means to me.” Dance X Captain, Kyle Tan of H4F, seemed extremely exhausted after their performance, but immediately brightened up when he saw his classmates and friends in the audience. It is no doubt that the support they received provided them with the extra energy to put on a performance for the ages.

Enteng Valdez (H4D) sheds tears of joy as he holds the championship trophy.

Enteng Valdez (H4D) sheds tears of joy as he holds the championship trophy.

The passion that each and every individual dancer was evident all throughout their routine; however, it was really when they were named champions that their ardor radiated throughout the entire auditorium. With the loudest of shouts and the sincerest of tears, Dance X celebrated the only way they knew how–together.

After an emotional and heartwarming display of camaraderie and disbelief, the judges and the audience screamed for an encore performance. Dance X was more than happy to once again prove why they were this year’s Maximum Groovity champions.

Dance X raises their championship trophy together.

Dance X members raise their championship trophy together.

A few minutes later, as the fans slowly poured out of the auditorium and the dance crews returned to their dressing rooms, there was one team that remained on the stage. Dance X gathered together as a tight circle of brothers and thanked God for helping them make history.

And, for a final time that night, Dance X members raised their championship trophy high in the air.

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