The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

by Ms. Jennifer Say, Administrative Assistant for Chinese Matters; photos from Ms. Shella Chua, Ms. Lana Ramos, Ms. Malinda Tan, Chinese teachers

September 8, 2014 marked two special events for Chinese Catholics all over the world. It was the birth anniversary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and also the Mid-Autumn Festival which is popularly known as the Mooncake Festival.  This Chinese festival which is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Lunar calendar happened to coincide with the birthday of Mary this year which made this year’s celebration doubly special.

In the Bible, Mary is associated with the passage in the Song of Songs (6:10), the one who comes forth like the dawn, as beautiful as the moon. In Christian tradition, Mary is also seen as the moon, who perfectly reflects the light of the Sun, who is Christ!

The Integrated Chinese department facilitated classroom-based activities for the different levels, all aimed at enlightening our students’ appreciation of one of the most important Chinese festivals. Students were able to show their talents and creativity in drawing and singing, not to mention their luck in playing the dice game (Grades 2 and 5). Students and teachers were treated to a taste of the famous Chinese mooncake and other Chinese treats during the food-sharing activities.

The Grade School faculty and staff, through the FACAMPA officers and representatives, also organized their own dice games in the afternoon of September 10.

On September 14, Sunday, the XSPA also organized the dice games at the Sports Center. More than 800 students registered for the games and were accompanied by their parents and other family members. Aside from the grand prize at each of the 52 tables, a Xavier G-Shock watch was also raffled off among the grand prize winners. It was a fun-filled afternoon for many Xavier families.

May the Moon Festival bring everyone a fruitful harvest of good fortune for the rest of the year, and may we all be like Mary in reflecting Christ in our lives! 祝大家中秋节快乐!

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