XS Nuvali’s Student Leaders Gear Up for Projects

by Casandra Concepcion, Gr. 9 - St. Peter Faber
Students watch “Divergent” in the MPH. Photo by Ms. Ria Marifosque, HS English Teacher

Last September 8 – 11, 2014, we, the Council of Student Leaders, had two activities with the main objective of raising funds for our many projects this year, first and foremost being the upcoming Appreciation Day in October and our awareness campaigns that will be launched shortly afterwards.

The first activity, the Music Dedication Booth, allowed both students and teachers to share their thoughts and feelings to anybody by singing it loud. We witnessed how students sang to their friends and even teachers. To add zest to the activity, we even had a student DJ who showed us the mastery of his craft. We all felt we were like in a radio station booth. To top it all off, our own Glee Club members serenaded us with beautiful music as they performed like a choir of angels! As we have seen, there is no better way to express our sentiments other than through “the sound of music.”

Since it is a common pastime among us to watch movies, we decided to have a Film Viewing activity, too. We all had our share of fun and laughter with Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Spongebob Squarepants the Movie. Then came the thrill of our lives when Divergent was shown. But what’s a movie without any comfort food? The student council had popcorn for sale for all the moviegoers to complete their experience. Indeed, we felt that the Xavier community was one big happy family.

With the success of the two projects, the student council has already begun A-Day preparations while planning for another set of fundraising activities. In mind are the “IgNights Concert” where students will be able to show off their talents in acting, dancing, and singing. Also in the roster is an “Art Gallery” wherein paintings donated by the Artists’ League will be put on display for sale. And, of course, in keeping our tummies consistently satisfied, we will have a “Baker’s Delight” sale where our very own Eats and Treats and Crazy Palettes clubs will bake us fresh goodies available for tasting.

Our next round of activities will only be as meaningful with the student body’s continuous support. Again, we count on the usual unrelenting efforts of the whole Xavier Community to make these successful, too.

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