XS San Juan GSPO: Kinder and Grade 1 End of 2nd Quarter Dates and Activities


03 October 2014

Dear Kinder and Grade 1 Parents,

Good day!

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the important dates and activities concerning the end of Second Quarter.

08 October, Wednesday Grade 1 Faculty Meeting No AM Class for Grade 1 only
04 November, Tuesday Classes resumeStart of the 3rd Quarter
20 November, Thursday Distribution of Report Cards
21 November, Friday 2nd Quarter Parent-Teacher Conference NO CLASSES for all Kinder and Grade 1 students 

8 – 11:30 am PTC for #s 1-15

1 – 4:00 pm   PTC for #s 16-30

(Gates will close at 11:00 am and 3:30 pm for the morning and afternoon sessions respectively.)

Moreover, parents are respectfully requested not to set appointments and/or call up the teachers from October 22 – November 7 to give them ample time to finish checking the assessments and to work on the grades. Urgent concerns may be coursed through the Team Leaders (Ms. Tria at local 222, Ms. Sucgang at local 224) or the GSPO (local 130, 244, 306).

Thank you,

Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho
GS Principal

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2 thoughts on “XS San Juan GSPO: Kinder and Grade 1 End of 2nd Quarter Dates and Activities

  1. Catchie Medina

    May i suggest that a sign up sheet is provided at the waiting area in EED so that the same order of arrival of parents will be followed when the gates are opened for the PTC that starts at 8am? This is to prevent the parents from running into the EED just so they can go ahead and be the first in line even if some parents have actually arrived earlier at the waiting area (way before 8am). I hope this is implemented in the 2nd Qtr. PTC. Thank you.


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