A Hundred Year Legacy of a Visionary

by Karl Russel Acuna, ET Pen Pushers Guild
taken from Rowena Dela Cruz, ERDA Tech

September 19, 2014 was the most memorable day for ERDAnians. Fr. Pierre Tritz S.J. celebrated his 100th birthday. Fr. Tritz is not just a founder for us. He is our father, our counselor, and our mentor.

A festive atmosphere was in the air and experienced by the whole ERDA Tech community and the visitors after the mass led by Fr. Aristotle Dy. As a symbol of thanksgiving, the ERDA Tech community let go of 100 balloons for the centenary of Fr. Tritz. We cannot imagine how lucky we are to witness the happiness of our founder during that day. The smile on his face was very heartwarming that we almost cried because of that. A hundred years of age is not easy to reach. Dedicating his life for us is an honor.

Fr. Pierre Tritz is a good man and a giver of hope. He changed everything in our lives. I hope that people will have a heart just like what Fr. Tritz has. May Fr. Pierre Tritz be an example to all. Indeed, Fr. Pierre Tritz S.J. is a blessing from above! He is a man of good and a man of God.

See below for a video clip of Father Tritz as a Visionary.

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