An Educational Trip with a Pinch of Delight

by Nadya Dizon, Gr. 7 - St. Pedro Calungsod
Students listen to the history of Juan Luna’s “Spoliarium.” Photo by Ms. Ria Marifosque, HS English Teacher

The circular for the exciting event that took place in Manila was given one September afternoon to the grades 5, 7, and 9 students. Once we read what the circular was all about, we all burst with excitement and couldn’t stop probing our class advisers for more details. Though some students weren’t able to join, I have to say everyone had happy smiles during and after this experience.

The students from the three levels went to the Star Theater in the Star City Complex in Manila where we watched the really funny and educational play Batang Rizal performed by the Philippine Educational Theater Aassociation (PETA)  group of actors. We learned how Rizal is still relevant to our country today even though most of us just see him as a decorative face on our coins.

Our second venue was the National Museum where we got to observe closely all the beautiful and historical artifacts. The various pieces in the museum gave us all an up close and personal look at what our country looked like in the past.

Both venues were memorable and impressive while the bus rides were long yet reasonably enjoyable. There were two sections per bus per grade level, but some students had to join the grade 9 bus. Despite this separation, everybody still had fun as it allowed us to get to know other people outside our own class.

To sum the entire trip up, I only have this to say: we all learned about our own culture and history, and we also found delight with all the new information that this field trip has instilled in us young and curious Xaverians. It was a tiring day, but the exhaustion was worth all the fun learning.

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