Teen Read Week (TRW) 2014—Turn Dreams into Reality

by Mr. Paolo Suapengco (HS Eng Teacher, XS HS Web Editor)
TRW 2014 poster created by Ms. Ysa Bondoc (HS Art Teacher) and Mr. Buccino de Ocampo (Xelect Graphic Design Teacher).

1460996_292222300980773_8525226102191484760_nTRW 2014 officially launched last October 3 during the high school morning assembly. This year’s theme is “Turn Dreams into Reality,” reminding everyone about the true power of reading and how it can certainly bring even our wildest fantasies to life.

The logo, Alexicon Growl, was created by the generous Mr. Buccino de Ocampo and named by the members of the HS English Department. He embodies knowledge, wisdom, and of course, love for reading.

To express and celebrate their love for reading, each batch engages in specific events that showcase knowledge, skills, and talents gained from reading and literary appreciation. The schedule of batch showcases is as follows:

October 10, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM:
G9 – Xequence Comic Convention, MPH
G10 – Poetry Slam, lecture hall
H3 – Bandfest, HS tennis court

October 13, Day 6 long lunch break:
G7 & G8 – 5 vs. 100, HS tennis court
G9 & H4 – Mytholobee, HS tennis court

Everyone is invited to watch and enjoy each batch showcase to see what our students have achieved from ardent reading.

On October 15, during the general assembly at the sports center, students and teachers parade in their favorite literary characters when TRW 2014 culminates with the yearly Dress Me Literary parade.


Banner created by Ms. Carmela Maniego (EED Teacher)

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