The Great A-day Experience

by Farrel Tiu, 5B
photos courtesy of Ms. Abigail Santos (GS English) and Mr. Guian Beltran (GS Social Studies)

What is A-day? A-day, short for Appreciation day, is a wonderful and exciting day for our community when we take time to show appreciation for our teachers, administrators, and staff. Early in the morning, we began the celebration with a Mass. Celebrating the mass were resident Jesuits, Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ, Fr. Art Borja, SJ, Fr. Candido Lim, SJ and a visiting Jesuit returning from mission, Fr. Braulio “Bong” Dahunan, SJ. I was chosen as one of the readers for the Prayers of the Faithful. I felt very nervous before the Mass that I was shaking like a leaf on a tree being blown by strong winds.


Soon after the Mass ended, the students were able to show a variety of performances for our teachers such as song and dance numbers. It was our way of saying thank you to the many men and women who work tirelessly on a daily basis to make sure that we grow up to be good and responsible people. Despite the hot weather and the heat inside the competition courts, the morning program went well. The atmosphere in the court was very joyful and enthusiastic.

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Later in the morning, all the students went back to their respective classrooms to have their class parties. While the students were eating a lot of delicious food, the class performed different numbers in the classrooms to impress their visiting mentors. One of our best times was when our classmate Jorj Gabbie Tadena made and showed a nice Minecraft A-day video. At the end of the day, we bade our teachers goodbye and started cleaning up our classrooms.

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After the celebration, I realized that we should be thankful and grateful to our teachers with all their hard work for us, students. Also, we should be appreciative towards all our teachers because they form us everyday to become responsible and diligent students. HAPPY A-DAY ‘CHERS!!!!!

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