Xavier Families Celebrate Moon Festival With Dice Games

by Mr. Paul Salonga, Marketing Associate
Photos provided by Mr. John Michael Sing, Gr 4 Level Representative

It was a fun-filled afternoon for many Xavier families. On September 14, Sunday, more than 800 students participated in the dice games organized by XSPA at the Xavier School Sports Center. They were accompanied by their parents and other family members, who helped judge the games for the duration of the event.


Aside from the grand prize given to the winner at each of the 52 tables, a Xavier G-Shock watch was also raffled off among the grand prize winners, which went to Lorenzo Zarate of Grade 3.


The dice games are won by rolling dice resulting in specific combination of numbers. They range from one 4, to having four of the same number, two sets of two numbers, to rolling six dice with the same number.

The is the second school year that the XSPA organized the dice games which is held during the moon festival.

May the Moon Festival bring everyone a fruitful harvest of good fortune for the rest of the year!_MS_1534


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