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By Raphael Vaughn Bethune Ong (6E), Hoofprint Staffer; edited by Ms. Kreeshia Share, Grade 6 English Teacher
The speaker, Scott Lee Chua (H3H), with (l-r) Mr. Rey Aude (Unit 2 Team Leader), Mrs. Zarah Berras (Assistant to the English Department Chair), and Mrs. Clarisse Ednacot (GS English Department Chair). Photos by Ms. Joanne Teng, Gr6 English Teacher

Last October 7, 2014, Xavier School’s Grade School English Department hosted the “Meet the Author” event that took up the grade 6 students’ mentoring period. This was an event that the English Department prepared for the students in celebration of Literacy Month this October. This event in the Xavier School Lecture Hall, wherein they would meet an author, got the students feeling surprised and excited. Now, who is this author? He is Scott Lee Chua!


Scott Lee Chua, a high school student in Xavier School, is an author of many travel books for kids. During his talk, he was able to share about a lot of things related to his travels and his experiences in writing. To start the program, Scott enthusiastically shared how and when he started writing when he was just around 7-8 years old. According to Scott, he started to write as a result of his love for reading

Afterwards, Scott proceeded to talk about his experiences while traveling to different countries, especially focusing on his Xavier-China Experience in Guangzhou. After that, he went on to talk about his new book about traveling around the Philippines. According to Scott, he chose to write about the Philippines despite having traveled to many countries because he wanted fellow Filipinos to love their own country.


It is also notable to mention that all royalties, or the earnings an author receives from book sales, from Scott Lee Chua’s books are donated to Xavier School’s adopted school, ERDA Technical and Vocational High School. He encouraged both students and teachers to buy his books to help the less fortunate students of ERDA. This shows that Scott is a Xaverian who embodies compassion — truly a man for others.

After his talk, everyone can see that Scott Lee Chua is a model Xaverian because he was already able to show his talent in writing and was able to let his light shine among others even at a very young age. Scott is an inspiration to everyone, who truly embodies Xavier School’s motto, Luceat Lux!

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