Xequence: Xavier’s First Comic Con

by Mr. Paul Salonga, DARO Marketing Associate


Teen Read Week’s series of activities kicked off to a good start last October 10 with the High School Department’s Xequence, a comic convention held at the MultiPurpose Hall from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, for the whole 9th grade batch.


Attending that day’s panel on comics were independent artists Josel Nicolas, Trizha Ko, Carlorozy Clemente, Noel Pascual, Rob Cham, and the anonymous Dark Chapel, who ended the talk to thunderous applause.


During the panel, each of the artists talked about their craft, how they do it, how the students can do it too, and what they could do to get better at it should they pursue the craft of comic book-making. The talk was followed by a short Q&A session between the students and artists, with each artist giving a unique and insightful answer to each student. Afterwards, students lined up to purchase the artists’ comics and had them signed.



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