The True Giver

by Raven Ferry, ET Pen Pushers Guild

Dark was the world, harsh was the pain,

Suffering were they, as they cried with the rain,

All they asked was a better life to gain,

Now they’re close to losing hope, to being insane

In the midst of that great black society,

Were the ones who did wait for a good eternity,

No, they asked for no pity,

They asked for a blessing that is Godly

One day, a man saw this little light,

This spark that could give them might,

That their dreams would be in sight,

That they would have a better morning and night

With the Almighty One’s blessing,

With these little minds hoping,

And with him and his followers believing,

He did what he needed doing

Man of a great country went helping,

Great man of a country inspired while caring,

This man of wisdom led many to go working,

Father Tritz did so, kept on loving

One who was born far from this place,

A man who had fortunate days,

One who lived in such good ways,

A man who took the poor to raise

The cries of the weak were listened to,

Their wishes, he knew,

Education was what they wanted to pursue,

For helping their families is what they wanted to do

Now, lovely people of this school,

Do you see the fruits that give you the tool?

Tools that make you rule!

Surely, with this knowledge, you are cool!

On our founder’s centennial birthday,

Let us say what we have longed to say,

That if only we could, we would give back and pay,

The nurturing guidance, love, and care until our very last day

As our present to the wonderful giver,

Let us keep in our minds and hearts forever,

That it was because of him, we are better,

We love you Father Tritz, and that love will never wither.

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