Ben 10 Hero Academy Goes to XS Nuvali

by Nathan Santiago, Gr. 3 - St. Tarcisius
Ben 10 poses with the students on this memorable day. Photo by Ms. Christine Cruz, Student Supervisor

The first time I heard about The Ben 10 Hero Academy, I got super excited! Looking at the posters, I found out that the wielder of the omnitrix himself was coming over. This fueled my excitement even more. I mean, at first, I was thinking what games we will do and what exciting prizes we will win. Then, I saw Ronald McDonald, and I thought we would get free food, but of course I thought wrong. He was only there for a while, but it was still nice and fun to see him.

People from Cartoon Network also came, and they were AWESOME! I got to play games. Unfortunately, the fun could not last forever as it was time for the Cartoon Network Squad to go. Sadly I was not able to win anything, but I had a lot of fun trying.

The games were not only for fun, though, for they had a learning purpose. All of the games taught me what to do when a fire breaks out. They taught me the do’s and don’ts, and how to prevent yourself from catching fire. But what really amazed me was that even a group of people who make you laugh every day can also teach valuable lessons.

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