Jazz Up Your WORDrobe: Mixing Creative Fashion and Learning

by Ms. Kreeshia Share, GS English Teacher; photos gathered from different sources

The Grade 6 English teachers with English words borrowed from other languages — oeuvre, manga, graffiti, ingenue, chic

Students, teachers, and staff members of Xavier Grade School all got creative jazzing up their WORDrobes last October 13, 2014.

Jazz Up Your WORDrobe was an activity held by the Grade School English Department in celebration of the Literacy Month. In the previous years, only the teachers and staff wore costumes to make favorite book characters come alive. However, things were slightly spiced up this school year as students were also involved in dressing up in costumes. The only difference was, this year, everyone wore costumes reflecting the definition of a chosen word. Teachers and staff members dressed up according to the theme of their respective departments and offices, while the students dressed up according to the theme designated to their grade level. The Grade 3 students’ costumes were crafted based on an adjective reflecting their personalities. Then, since the Grade 4 students had just recently received their First Holy Communion, they dressed up as Communion- or Bible-related terms. Moreover, the Grade 5 students creatively dressed up as their chosen abstract nouns. Last but definitely not the least, the Grade 6 students went around the world by dressing up as English words borrowed from different languages.


During the assembly, the Jazz Up Your WORDrobe activity was introduced by Mrs. Clarisse Ednacot, Grade School English Department Chairperson. The teachers and staff members from different departments and offices in the Grade School proceeded to showcase their creativity by parading their costumes onstage, which was welcomed by loud and enthusiastic cheers by the students.


After the assembly, students returned to their respective classrooms for a special activity. While still wearing his costume, each student was asked to share with the class what their word means and how it is used in a sentence, allowing everyone to learn a new word to add to their vocabulary.


The Grade 4 English teachers with the theme “heavenly beings” — innocent, stellar, majestic, ethereal, angelic

The Jazz Up Your WORDrobe activity was indeed fun for all those who participated in creating and dressing up in their costumes. However, we should not forget what it was all for. The activity reminds us that learning can be a fun process for everyone, that we can learn new things from others, and that opportunities to learn something new are always just around the corner! May the love of learning rule each one of us.


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