FPTI – ET Promotes Healthy Reading

by Jairuz Menia, ET Pen Pushers Guild

The Communication Arts Department headed by Ms. Reichelle Torricer in coordination with the Learning Resource Center led by Head Librarian Ms. Isabel Mondero formally launched National Reading Month with the theme Nasa Pagbasa ang Pagasa last November 3 during the general assembly in the school roof deck.

The launching of the event opened with remarks from Ms. Mondero who talked about the importance of healthy reading for students and promotion of using the library as well. A short Ted Talk video was also showed before the community about how books open the minds of people from their past and present.

Ms. Torricer presented the list of activities for the whole month starting with the Story Telling Activity that will be held twice / thrice a week per year level, an essay writing competition in coordination with the ET Pen Pushers Guild and the most anticipated part, the Book Parade. The launching ended with the presentation of the slogans created by each class per year level.  The slogan making contest winners will be awarded on the culminating activity on the 1st of December.

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