XS San Juan: Incident at Xavier High School


12 November 2014

Re:  Incident at Xavier High School

At around 12:30 this afternoon, a third-year high school student went onto the ledge of the high school building’s fifth floor.  His teachers, formators, and select friends spoke to him and after praying together, he came back into the building.

We would like to thank the community for all the support we received today, especially the different emergency response units of the San Juan City government.

Let us continue praying for the boy and his family during this sensitive period. They are not public figures and would appreciate respect and privacy at this time.

Thank you very much

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6 thoughts on “XS San Juan: Incident at Xavier High School

  1. Tom O'Gorman, S.J.

    I offer a prayer for the student and also for his family. I know that the Xavier faculty, staff, and campus ministry members will do their best for all concerned. The boy is lucky to have Xavier as a wonderful support! – (Fr. Tom O’Gorman)


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