Adam Bondoc Earns First Place in the JKFan Karatedo Cup Championships

13-year-old Adam Bondoc of Grade 8-F, a member of the Association for the Advancement of Karatedo (AAK) competed in the recently concluded JKFan Karatedo Cup Championships.

JKFan, the official Karate print media/magazine in Japan, sponsored the tournament at the Shin Seto Gym in Aichi, Nagoya, Japan. There were over 400 participants from all over Japan, Korea and the United States of America that competed in the tournament.

He competed in the Jr. High School (12-14 years old) Kata (Forms) Category. He bested his opponents performing his Kata with power and precision, which earned him a well-deserved 1st place Trophy.

Congratulations and Luceat lux!

adam-websitetarp-portrait-682x1024 (1)

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