Recognizing a Young Hero

School President Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ and the GS community honor Jericho Panganiban for his acts of courage and kindness in a time of crisis.

The message below was read by Mrs. Jane Cacacho, GS Principal, during the GS General Assembly last 17 November 2014.

Last November 4, Jericho Matthew Panganiban of Grade 6B was fetched as usual by his bus service at around 5:30 AM, and the van went on to fetch other bus riders.  When there were already 6 other Xaverians on board, tragedy struck.  The van they were riding was hit by another school service.

No one really expected an accident to happen and when it did, it all seemed like it wasn’t real, like it was a dream or a movie you’re watching.  When it was all over and after we had the chance to talk to the students involved in the accident, we found out that Jericho, like all the other students on board, was scared when it happened.  However, we also discovered that he was alert and that he was able to grab the arm of another boy tightly during the accident. Because of that action, this other boy did not have any injuries.

Days after the accident, we found out from yet another student that he, too, was saved by Jericho.  This second boy narrated that Jericho also held on to him during the collision and this prevented him from having more serious injuries.

Today, as a school, we want to recognize Jericho’s acts of courage, and kindness to others.  In situations like that accident, there is no time to think about what should be done, there is only time to act – and Jericho did so in ways that helped others, in ways that protected others, in ways that kept others from harm or from greater harm.

And so today we honor Jericho Matthew Panganiban for his act of courage and kindness in a time of crisis.

Thank you, Jericho, for truly being a man for others.  We are proud of you and what you did.  We know that you will be an inspiration to all Xaverians.

Luceat lux!

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