Accusations: A Lost Chapter

by Marcus Belisario, IV- Katarungan, SBO
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On the journey to Earth, the Little Prince did not know that there was still another planet after the geographer. The planet was smaller than the geographer’s. It was inhabited by a tall woman wearing a long black robe that covers her whole body; piercing eyes were drawn on her face together with her thin red lips and pointy nose.

 “Well, well…look who’s here…” The tall woman said with a cold voice. The Little Prince stood in his position like a statue; he was intimidated by the way the tall woman had approached him.

“G-Good morning…” The Little Prince greeted. The woman stared at him with eyes like knives. They were striking him.  “I don’t like children, go away…go…go, go, go…” The Little Prince was puzzled with the woman’s act.

  “Why don’t you like children?” The Little Prince asked with bravery in his voice.

  “I don’t have time to answer questions from a small child that came from nowhere. So, if you don’t mind, leave this instance.” The woman ordered with her demanding but calm voice. The Little Prince did not mind the woman’s order even though he was getting scared; instead, he came closer and asked the woman again.

  “B-But, I only came a while ago. Wouldn’t it be rude for a lady to shoo a child like me who came from a long journey?” The Little Prince asked.

 “Hmmm….what an inquisitive child…” the woman replied. The Little Prince was not contented with the woman’s answer, so he asked again, fully knowing that he does not let go of a question that is not answered.

 “Why d-don’t you like children?” the Little Prince asked. This time, the woman was not looking anymore. Her attention was focused on somewhere else. After a few seconds, she faced the Little Prince with glaring eyes.

  “Thief!” The woman suddenly shouted at the top of her lungs. The Little Prince was shocked about the accusation.

  “T-Thief!? But I have not stolen anything! There is nothing to steal from you; you’ve got nothing on your planet…see?” The Little Prince defended himself while examining the planet from every corner. The woman was shocked about the bravery of the child. Most visitors to her planet get easily scared of her.

  She looked around her, and indeed there was nothing to steal. She realized that she had nothing. The Little Prince braced himself again as he started a conversation with the woman starting from his first question a while ago.

 “E-Excuse me… why don’t you like children?” The Little Prince asked once again.

 “Because they always ask questions!” The woman shouted.

   A moment of silence came between the two. A few minutes later, the woman now accused the Little Prince as a cheater, but the Little Prince defended himself and told her that he was not doing anything. He was accused with so many things and still, the Little Prince just defended himself confidently. He was accused with murder, fraud, theft, corruption and so many accusations that the Little Prince did not even know what they meant.

 The woman got tired of accusing the Little Prince until she had nothing to think of. She was panting and catching her breath because of her rage, just to accuse something.

“What good does it do to you to accuse people?” The Little Prince asked, but another accusation came out of the woman’s mouth as her reply. “Liar! All men are selfish! They do not know how to value true relationships! You are all the same! Trust must never be given to you all!” The woman cried as her makeup ran down her face because of her hot tears.

  The strong accusation made the Little Prince think. Liar? Selfish? He thought. “I pity this woman…what is trust?” The Little Prince asked.

  “Trust is to believe that a person will never betray you! It is very precious in this world, you know! It takes a long time to build but just a blink of an eye to destroy! Trust is very important…it is far more precious than anyone knows. ” The woman explained, still feeling sorrowful. Tears ruined her makeup and caused her voice to get shrill. The Little Prince was moved as he saw how sorrowful the woman was. He felt deeply touched in his heart as he realized something. He came closer to the woman and patted her back.

  “I have loved someone and gave him all my love. I trusted him with all my heart, and I treated him very nicely. But still, he repaid me with betrayal! He gave me lies!” The woman cried, almost a shriek. Then the Little Prince frowned.

 “I, too, have trusted someone. I trusted her because I believed that she would treat me nicely. But she became too proud of herself. She also forgot the true meaning of relationships.” The Little Prince murmured, almost crying like the woman.

  “But I want you to know that accusing others will not make you happy. It won’t do any good to you. All men are different, and I have already met seven types of them. It just happened that you trusted the wrong one. You are an extraordinary woman you know… I pity you…” The Little Prince said, and then he left the planet.

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