ET Basketball Team Scores their 2nd Win

by Katrin Fernandez, ET Pen Pushers Guild
photo taken from Mr. Marvin Sarmiento

November 24 was a celebration for ERDA Tech as the ET Red Ants, the official varsity team of ERDA Tech, brought home the bacon after a series of unfortunate losses.

It was a game against La Consolacion College where they had a 10-point advantage during the last quarter and was announced as the winner. According to their team captain, Lance Fernandez, they really prepared for this game because of the many loses in the past games.

He said, “Sinunod namin yung sinasabi ni Sir Sarmiento (team coach). Tapos bago yung game maaga kaming nagpunta sa school para magpractice. Pagdating namin sa court handa na kami”

It was a sweet win for the whole community. The next games are scheduled on November 29 and 30.

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