Popcorn for Charity

The Lingkod Committee core turn over project proceeds to members of the ERDA Board of Trustees. From left to right: Mr Charlemagne Yu, Chairman of the Board, Earl Chua, Brennan Ng, Oliver Yu, Fr. Aristotle Dy, School Director, Scott Chua, Michael Cootauco, Mr. Marc Magsalin, ERDA Principal.

From November 10 to 21, 2014, the Lingkod Committee managed a charity food stall in the high school canteen. For two weeks, sophomore and junior committee members spent their lunch periods frying, powdering, and selling popcorn in three flavors: barbecue, sour cream, and cheese. The project, coordinated by Scott Chua, was entitled “Freshly Popped.”

In just two weeks, the Lingkod Committee sold more than 650 bags of popcorn, and raised P32,550. The proceeds of the project were donated to the scholarship fund of ERDA Tech, an adopted vocational school for the underprivileged.

The Lingkod Committee would like to thank Fly Ace Corporation for graciously sponsoring the cooking oil and making this project possible.

Catch Lingkod’s Freshly Popped again during the Xavier School Fair 2015!

IMG_6728 copy

Members of the Lingkod Committee fry, flavor, and serve popcorn to Xavier High School students.

IMG_6739 copy

Lingkod members and satisfied customers pose with Lingkod co-moderator Ms. Sheila Valencia.

Mr. Mel Manahan, ODS student supervisor, munching on popcorn.

Mr. Mel Manahan, ODS student supervisor, munching on popcorn.

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