WIWAG® – Giving Impeccable Education

by Marcela Lopez, ET Pen Pushers Guild
photo taken from wiwag facebook account

Last November 10-14, 2014, WIWAG® once again came to Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute -ERDA Tech to conduct its business education program. The program is under the Bato Balani Foundation and is partnered by Ernst Schmidheiny Stiftung along with First Asia Ventures.

Headed by Mrs. Amada J. Javellana, WIWAG® instructor, the one week training had various activities mainly: accounting, video presentations, business seminars, and the most interactive of all is the ‘decision-making’ done by the students involved in managing their very own companies for five days which is equivalent to five years of working time. This said event was held at the school’s AVR for the whole activities duration.

One of the best activities was the contest of making advertisements. The judges of this said activity were Mr. Lacson, the school’s Vice Principal for Formation, Mr. Paulino, and Ms. Buendia both from the Formation Unit.

On the last day of the program, the students had their graduation where they accepted their certificates. The students gave their appreciation with their precious ‘Thank Yous’. At the end, Mrs. Javellana provided the students with a very moving line: “We volunteer to teach you and I beg to disagree that we are not paid, we are paid by your thank yous”.

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