Words Come to Life

By Ms. Margaret Janine G. Gomez, Gr2 Teacher

The students, teachers, and staff from the Grade 2 team ended the second quarter with a blast! It was the last day before the semestral break, a fitting time to conclude the Literacy Month, and the team had loaded the day with fun activities worth remembering.

The students, teachers, and staff came in one-by-one wearing jaw-dropping costumes depicting an interesting word. A short gathering was done at the sports center to welcome the boys. Excited giggles and curious looks were all around. Mrs. Clarisse Ednacot, Grade School English Department Chairperson, opened the day with remarks full of facts about new words and a note for love for reading. This was followed by the parade of the class advisers together with their team leader who were all wearing costumes of different words around the theme of sports. The subject teachers, student supervisor, librarian, and guidance counselor were also there to parade their costumes and to celebrate the wonderful day.

It was now the students’ turn to share what they were wearing. The classes were sent back to their respective classrooms for the Jazz Up Your WORD-robe Presentation. The boys shared the meaning of their chosen word by showcasing their costumes to the class. After which, a parade going around the school followed. Students, teachers, and staff from different departments stopped to look at the colorful and magnificent costumes. Sounds of amazement filled the air. Words had come to life indeed!

The day was not only about learning new words and costumes. It was also a celebration of our love for reading for the many learnings and values it has imparted to us. The first storytelling session was done by the different invited parents who all came nervous, excited, and ready. Each class had one parent to tell a story of their choice. Simple yet meaningful activities engaged the students during the storytelling. It was evident that the parents enjoyed the experience as much as all the students did.

In the classroom, the students designed their own bookmarks. The layout was an astronaut that the students were free to design, color, and cut. They also wrote their favorite part in the parent storytelling. Looking at the students’ works, who would have thought that astronauts were far more interesting if they wore a more colorful suit?

Aside from the bookmarks, the students also designed their classroom doors with the help of their class advisers. Each boy colored and assembled a pre-made rocket ship. These rocket ships were posted on the door along with other outer space objects and a large book. Later on, each classroom door looked like an entrance to the galaxy.

The boys were looking exhausted but were still hungry for more activities. All the Grade 2 students were gathered once again. This time, they gathered at the Lecture Hall for another storytelling and for the awarding. The invited storyteller was Ms. Christine de Ubago, a childhood educator from British International School, Vietnam. She asked the boys to sing and dance with her like the creatures of the sea before starting the story of “Big Al” by Andrew Clements. A personal video from a Filipino Modern Day Hero, Ms. Anna Oposa, was also viewed by the students. Her video was about how she saved the Philippine Seas. She also shared with the boys the different ways on how they can do the same and be a hero themselves.

The most awaited part had finally arrived. The day’s emcee, Ms. Gomez, Grade 2H Class Adviser, together with Mrs. Orqueza, Grade 2 Team Leader, awarded the class and boys who let their light shine during the celebration of the Grade 2 Literacy Month.

The awards and winners are as follows:

A – Simon Ho
B – Sighaya Calo
C – Jaeho Park
D – Gabriel Cacanando
E – Miguel Enriquez
F – Malaya Katigbak
G – Mikko Gocheco
H – Brendan Uy
I – Magnus Go

A – Robin Mojica
B – Sighaya Calo
C – Andrei Salvador
D – Joaquin Tan
E – Kyle Ong
F – Madison Chua
G – Reichart Ty
H – Hong Cho
I – Adam Paatan
BASICS – Maximilian Dy

A – Jayden Go
B – Ethan Blake Go
C – Markus Li
D – Luis Jose Son
E – Cody Luchangco
F – Marcus Sarcia
G – Harley Tan
H – Luis Melon
I – Dylan Recto

A message from Mrs. Orqueza marked the end of the day. Winners or not, all the students went home happy with more stories to tell and with the thought of a restful vacation ahead. As for the Literacy Month, it did not truly end. It actually sparked the beginning of a more meaningful and interesting life with books by our sides.

Blast off, reader!

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2 thoughts on “Words Come to Life

  1. Christine Paatan

    ‘Asked my son what’s the difference between the “best book” and “best storybook” awards, he said the first award was supposedly for “best bookmark”? Was there a typo error here?

    • Clarisse Ednacot Post author

      Thank you, Ma’am for the correction. Apologies for the typo error and oversight. It is indeed BOOKMARK.


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