XS San Juan HSPO: Feast of St. Francis Xavier, 3 December 2014


1 December 2014

Dear Parents,

On December 3, the entire Xavier School community will be celebrating the feast day of our school’s patron saint, Saint Francis Xavier, an outstanding athlete and the first and greatest Jesuit missionary who spread the Catholic faith in the different parts of Asia such as India, Indonesia, Japan and China.

In line with this, please be informed that we will be having an Institutional Mass for the FEAST OF ST.FRANCIS XAVIER on WEDNESDAY, 03 DECEMBER 2014. To commemorate the remarkable life of St. Francis Xavier, there will also be planned activities for both the students and the faculty and staff. To help your son have a meaningful celebration, please note the following:

  1. Attire

Students are requested to attend the mass in color-coded shirts.

G7 – yellow G10 – red
G8 – orange H3 – blue
G9 – green H4 – black / gray


Those who do not have the assigned shirt color may just come in their PE shirt.

High 3 & H4 students should wear rubber shoes.

Students are also asked to bring handkerchiefs which will be waved during some parts of the Holy Mass.

  1. Offering

Proceeds of the mass offering will be donated to ERDA Tech for their regular feeding program. For this reason, students are requested to bring 2 or more kilos of rice AND/OR canned goods (sausages, sardines, corned beef, luncheon meat, etc.)

  1. Francis Xavier Fiesta

Students are requested to bring food for sharing during the fiesta. Since the food will be shared mid or late morning, they should bring food that do not perish or spoil quickly. (Example: no saucy food, tomato-based food, etc.)

DISMISSAL time for Grade 7, 8 and 9 is at 1:30 P.M.; for G10, H3 and H4, dismissal will be at 2:00 P.M.

Thank you very much.




(Sgd) Ms. Aimee Apolinario



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