ET Scouts’ First Backyard Camp

photo taken from Mr. Marc MAgsalin

Last December 5 – 6, the ET Scouts headed by Mr. Peter Marc Magsalin, co-headed by French volunteer Valentine, had their first ever overnight camping held at the main campus. Participated by almost 15 students from grades eight and nine, they held a backyard camp through various activities, talks, and a lot of food to feast on.  The scouts capped off the first night with a fellowship through a traditional bonfire.

The second day opened with a lecture from Sctr. Raymundo Duatin, WB about Emergency and Disaster Preparedness that gave the senior scouts the idea about their huge role in the campus when these emergencies happen.

This will not be the first and last of the scouting activities for the ET Scouts as they are hopeful for more overnight camping and a lot of workshops as well to enhance and develop their skills to help and to serve.


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