XS San Juan SAP: Christmas Drive Reminders for KINDER


December 11, 2014

Dear Kinder Students and Parents,

The Grade School Student Council invites you to take part in Happy Christmas 2014!, a project wherein grade school students are encouraged to get to know our school helpers more and to make their Christmas a bit more special by sharing our blessings with them. In consonance with this, all school helpers (janitors, skilled workers, and security guards) are distributed to the grade school sections and each section is tasked to complete a bag of Christmas goodies for their assigned school helpers.

Students are enjoined to bring basic items assigned according to their class number (please refer to the table below for details). Note that sizes are prescribed in an effort to ensure a certain degree of uniformity in the contents of the Christmas packs. Also, all items in excess will be forwarded to ERDA Tech where the need is always great.

Class Numbers Assigned Item
1 – 4 1 bath towel
5 – 8 3 face towels
9 – 10 1 pair of rubber slippers, adult-size
11 – 12 3 pairs of ankle-length black socks
13 – 14 1 water bottle (minimum 500 mL capacity)
15 – 16 1 plain white shirt (size S or M)
17 – 20 1 plain white shirt (size L or XL)
21 – 25 1 plastic food container (minimum 400 mL capacity)

Please have your son bring his assigned items on or before 17 December, Wednesday.

Thank you for your generosity. Happy Christmas to us all!

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Toni Rose C. Esteron
Student Activity Program Coordinator

Noted by:

Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho

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