A Special Birthday

The following message was delivered by Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho, Grade School Principal, during the last Grade School General Assembly for 2014 last 15 December 2014.

Good morning. Today, I will talk about birthdays.

A birthday is usually a happily anticipated event – meaning almost everyone looks forward to celebrating his birthday. In fact, the preparation for a birthday usually starts days prior to the actual date.  Much care is given to the choice of a birthday cake.  Will it be something chocolatey? Something fruity? Something personal? Or something funny? And then the planning shifts to the food, from the appetizers, to the main meals and the desserts!  The planning does not stop there because there is also planning as regards the activities for the day itself. Will the games be played outdoors? Indoors? Will it be sporty or will it just be chill?

But take note, not only the birthday celebrant does the planning; his friends and loved ones do, too. Time is spent looking for the perfect gift and even the perfect attire for the birthday party.

Then on the birthday itself, whether or not a party has been set, the celebrant wishes that his friends and loved ones will remember his special day, will not forget to greet him, and will treat him extra nicely and make him feel special.  And his wishes will come true when on his birthday, he is treated like a king.

I talk about all these because someone special’s birthday is fast approaching and I am not sure if you have remembered to prepare. Jesus, our savior, our brother, our most special someone is about to celebrate His birthday.  Are we ready to attend His party? What do we plan to do to make Him feel special? How do we plan to treat Him like a king?

Just as we want to feel excited and happy during our own birthdays, how can we make Jesus this excited and happy on His birthday, too? He doesn’t need us to spend money on Him, but I have a strong feeling he is going to appreciate it if we spend time with our families. I do believe He will be excited to find out if we plan to spend effort being kinder to others, even being kinder than necessary.

I truly believe that He will appreciate knowing that we remember that the reason for the season is He. Let’s start planning and preparing for the birthday of Jesus now by trying to be more like Him in everything that we do. Merry Christmas!

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