Football B2004 2014 Pilipinas Cup and Powerade Football Festival Champions

By Ms. Regie Aspiras (Mother of Diego Aspiras)
at the 2014 Powerade Football Festival

The B2004 Football Team is on a roll, besting their division in the 2014 Pilipinas Cup held last October 29-30, 2014. A week after, the boys left the Brent campus victorious once more, this time as champions of the 2014 Powerade Football Festival.

Both tourneys saw many highlights such as the stellar performances by Adam Syling (Gr. 5E) with a back kick; Tomas Parco (Gr. 5I), a header; Santino Samson (Gr. 5F) and Gabriel Ong (Gr. 5I) with long distance goals; Manu Mariano’s (Gr. 5J) corner kick goal; twin goals scored by Paolo Tycangco (Gr. 5I), Jaime de Castro (Gr. 5A), Cody Liao (Gr. 5G) and Jepoy Maravilla (Gr. 5H); and goalie Nicolas Te (Gr. 5B) saved a long shot from Meralco landing us into the Pilipinas Cup Finals. The impressively consistent goal keeping of Aaron Ong (Gr. 5I), Sevi Dee’s (Gr. 5F) exquisite corner kicks, Martin Co’s (Gr. 5F) assists and the defending of Shaun Tong (Gr. 5C), Heinz Cui (Gr. 5H) and Ynigo Valera (Gr. 5I) could not be discounted.

Team Captain Diego Aspiras’s (Gr. 5H) hat trick against Brent forged Xavier to the finals – his virtuoso performance caught the eye of a coach from a prestigious football club. Center Joshua Dy (Gr. 5G), Powerade’s MVP, was called upon in the finals to fulfill the gargantuan task of being the penalty shoot out goalie. Pilipinas Cup’s MVP Miguel Ong (Gr. 6E), was an unstoppable bulldozer, defending and stealing the ball time and again, from the opponents.

The boys were simply at their finest.

On the field, these young gentlemen embody the spirit of true Xaverians – who engage with heart, skill and a conscious commitment to play the game, clean and fair. Above all else, it is their ability to take their losses in stride and their victories with humility, that make the football boys of 2004, worthy of being called CHAMPIONS.

In victory, to God be the glory!

*The B2004 squad would like to thank Coaches Bernie Quiambao, Allan Martinez and Jayson Cutamora who masterfully guided the boys throughout the competition and Mr. Gue David, whose faith in the ability of boys and unwavering support made both victories possible.

2014 Pilipinas Cup Pictures

2014 Powerade Football Festival Pictures


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