GS Pep Rally 2014: Supporting Our Athletes

by Lance Patrick Dy (5E), Hoofprint Staffer

Last November 17, 2014, the entire Xavier Grade School community gathered at the Fr. Rafael Cortina, S.J. Sports Center to participate in the annual Grade School Pep Rally. The Pep Rally was held on a Monday morning, coinciding with the weekly General Assembly.

After the Philippine National Anthem and the San Juan Hymn were sung, and the Panatang Makabayan was recited, the Xavier Grade School varsity athletes were called to ascend the stage according to their respective sport. While each varsity team was going up the stage, their coaches’ and team captains’ names were also shown on screen to recognize their efforts. Afterwards, all athletes were asked to recite the pledge of sportsmanship – that they will do their best in every competition and represent the school with pride. The spectators were then asked to pledge their support for the athletes in every challenge they face.

After all the pledges were recited, Juan Marco Daos of 5I, a member of the varsity swimming team, was called up to speak to the assembly. He expressed how difficult it is to be an athlete while, at the same time, trying to get good grades in school. According to him, achieving this requires discipline, perseverance, patience, and hard work. All students, both athletes and non-athletes alike, were inspired by his speech.

As the varsity season continues, we should all rise up as one Xavier community to support our athletes, so they can do their best in all their competitions and hopefully bring us glory. For all Xavier athletes: Luceat Lux! Laban Xavier!


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