‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!!!

by Farrel Tiu, 5B

“What is Christmas for you?” was the question often asked when I was growing up. Now that I am 10 years old, Christmas has become something different for me. Christmas for me is the best, happiest and jolliest time of the year but it isn’t just because of the presents, gifts, or even Santa Clause. It’s really because of the birth of Jesus. Christmas, for me, is also a time when we share what we have with others. It’s a time to share our love with every body around us.

Last December 19, 2014 the entire school gathered to celebrate the season of Christmas by having a Christmas Mass and program. All the classes went to the Fr. Rafael Cortina Sports Center to celebrate Mass presided by our school president, Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ. After the celebrations of the Holy Mass, we were treated to all kinds of performances from the Voice Box, Dance X, XS Movers and Children’s Choir.

After the end of the program, we all went to our respective classrooms to have our small Christmas parties. Every class prepared its own program for their guest faculty and staff who were invited their classrooms. For my class, we had two special attendees from the EED, Lin Lao Shi and Teacher Rachel. As usual, Ravi Saulog and I were assigned as the emcees.


We had many activities aside from eating the many food my classmates brought. We also had dancing and singing. The best part of the Christmas party was the time when we all exchanged gifts with one another. As our Christmas party came to a conclusion, we all sang and danced to the tune of one of our favourite Christmas songs, “Jingle Bell Rock.”

We all look forward to our Christmas break where we usually spend time with our families. My cousins and I get together for dinner and Mass on Christmas eve and spend Christmas day celebrating again with our extended family. I am sure many other families do the same. May we all celebrate the spirit of Christmas this season. Merry Christmas, everybody!

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