Are Resolutions also Made to be Broken?

by Karl Russel Acuna, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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Every year, it is already a part of our tradition to make our personal resolutions. Normally, these are composed of the things that you want to change in your life. But what you are about to read is different. Here are the top three broken resolutions.

1) Lose weight and Get fit
Noche buena and media noche are the traditions wherein families serve different kinds of food.  And also, we are fond of eating a lot especially during the holiday season so we tend to regret what we’ve done and do the diet the following year.

2) Avoid unhealthy lifestyle
In our generation today, we are being overshadowed by technologies. Students tend to sleep late because of social networking sites that partly cause lower IQ that affects their study habits.

3) Save money
Saving money for any reason is the hardest thing for us students to do because we always spend this for food and for pleasure. But honestly speaking, we should take this seriously because this might help us for future needs.

These are the most commonly broken resolutions of the Filipinos. These are broken because these are the things that you are consistently saying every year yet you are not able to do because of random reasons. And that is what we need to forget for us to be able to do what we want to do. These are the things that we should start changing — from a broken resolution to an achieved resolution.

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