Poetry of Gratitude

by Raven Ferry, ET Pen Pushers Guild
photo taken from http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/

Mr. Rico
For almost four years of living,
I have been with the man of true learning,
Whose words are more powerful than the sun,
Who is truly wise but never forgets about the fun.

Mr. Abanag
Your fun and laughter released me from a man locked,
Your unending knowledge has made us all shocked,
Thank you for never losing your patience or kindness,
Thank you for loving us even more and never less.

Mr. Rivera
Such accuracy and perfection is achieved by you,
It was so long ago since I’ve seen you do great but still felt new,
For thy work is beyond works of just pencil and tools,
But of helping up cure the souls that are wicked and fools.

Mr. Olaya
Such standards and rules that inspire me,
To be at the goal which I wish to see,
You keep that smile which makes others smile, too,
And that tight mind of knowledge which tells me what to do.

Ms. Galang
Thy beauty inside and out has made a light,
For me to use to be my guide in the night,
And when hunger for knowledge was in sight,
You were there to inform me of what was right.

Ms. Candaza
Appreciation to the teacher who enlightened me,
Of the things I need to know morally,
I feel great for you have been my teacher,
You did so contribute to make my life better

Ms. Mondero
Remember do I still when we first met,
Something about you miss, I could not get,
But now I clearly see what it was and what it will be,
It is that wise adviser and words that open my eyes to see.

Mr. Lacson
Dark and lonely would be my day,
But there comes a bright ray,
Who has comforting words of compassion,
And has the best of courtesy of all God’s creation.

Mr. Sulit,
When I feel down and hopeless,
The words of this man gave me happiness,
And his jolly attitude and tireless joking,
Makes me always want to checkmate his king!

Ms. Valiente
The perfectionist that knows what to do,
The lover of tasks and things new,
Willing to take the job and do it well,
And her kindness is true; I can clearly tell.

Mr. Menia
Light and sweet is the mood of this man,
Geeky and funny is he which is why he makes all a big fan,
Open and childish that helps us ease the day through,
He is kind and willing to help; a reason why we love him, too!

Mr. Sarmiento
Goal, shoot, smash and score!
The expert of it all and even more,
The funny sir that is tough as stone,
Nice and has that kind and understanding tone.

Mr. Reymart
Man who is young and so cheery,
The guru that is friendly and witty,
In the zone is he when he sings,
And his cool attitude gives ease to all things.

Ms. Verdejo,
Sly is the fair maiden of intelligence,
And all can see her blithesome radiance,
She is the wind that sails with the life of reality,
And her optimism is beyond what I can fancy.

Mr. Chua,
An open man and clearly a servant of the Father,
For he shares the blessings and asks for nothing in return ever,
The witty and kind man I have met,
Is a shining sun that will never set.

Mr. Paulino,
Times when I get far from God the Father,
There is one who pushes me closer,
For the way he teaches makes me know God more,
For he is so cheery; to God, he makes me soar.

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